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Hello I have written makefile which compose lib.a from object files. I need to make .zip from this lib, create new directory for it and save. Could anybody help?


CONFIG ?= BuildConfigurations/config.mk   
include $(CONFIG) 

objects = $(addsuffix /*.o, $(local_include)) 

ib.a: $(objects)  
    ${AR} -cr ${@} ${^}


local_include := Target/ASIHTTPRequest
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This sort of a thing is going to be platform specific to at least a degree. If you are on linux you can just

ib.a: $(objects) dir
    ${AR} -cr ${@} ${^}

    mkdir dir

dir/id.zip: ib.a
    zip dir/id.zip ib.a

I am not sure if the commands will be the same on another platform.

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