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Autoheight : false seems to have no effect. Even if it did work it doesnt sound like its what I need since one section could be really long and the fololowing really short and I wouldnt want the two sections with the same height.

The div in which the content is displayed can be of variable height so I cannot use a fixed height. I have tried most of the options and none of them seem to have the effect I want but I think I am missig something as this sounds like it should be a common requirement since scollbars in the accordion look rather horrible.

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Have you tried to explicitly set the Height and Width of the Acccordion to the content? For example load the content into a hidden div and then get its dimensions. Then resize the Accordion and load the contents to fit.

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Use this line instead:

heightStyle: "content"
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autoheight : false

It is auto with a small a

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