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I has a model "modela" that has a has_many_through relationship with model "submodelb". In a controller I want to check if modela has any submodelb associated with it. I have tried the two code examples below; however, the both throw the error "undefined method `submodelbs'" if modela does not have any submodelbs. Please help me see what I am doing wrong.

Sample 1: if !@modela.submodelbs.nil?
@submodelbs = @modela.submodelbs
else @submodelbs = [] end

Sample 2: if !@modela.submodelbs.empty?
@submodelbs = @modela.submodelbs
else @submodelbs = [] end

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undefined method submodelbs means that @modela was probably nil – John Douthat Mar 25 '11 at 17:40
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Why not just put your checks in a begin...rescue...end block?

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I'd just like to mention that this is an absolutely inappropriate way to solve OP's problem and anyone reading this should certainly do something similar to the other answers. I apologize for such a poor solution. – mway Jun 24 '14 at 6:13

You can use .present? which is the opposite of blank?

@submodelbs = @modela.submodelbs.present? ? @modela.submodelbs : []

But I think your problem is that @modela may be nil or you may have not defined associations correctly in the model.

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The reader method produced by has_many_through always returns something that looks like an Array, so it should never return nil. So, can't you just return @modela.submodelbs always?

share|improve this answer are returns [] in case of no associated records..I missed that while answering... – rubyprince Mar 25 '11 at 19:13

I use blank?

unless @modela.submodelbs.blank?
   #modela has submodelbs

but error messege suggests that you may have something wrong with association definition...

Also what you are trying to achieve can be done with one-liner

@modela.submodelbs ||= []

if submodelbs are nil empty array will be assigned.

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