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In python I could do something like myMap = {key: [value1, value2]} and then access the value2 using myMap[key][1]

Can I do something like this in javascript?

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Yes, you can do:

var myMap = { key: [ value1, value2 ] };
var array = myMap.key; // or myMap["key"]

JavaScript is a little bit silly about the object literal notation, in that it won't let you use reserved words for keys unless you quote them:

var myMap = { 'function': 'hello world' };
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Yes, and the syntax is almost the same too.

var myMap = {key: ["value1", "value2"]};
alert(myMap["key"][1]); // pops up an alert with the word "value2"

You can also use the following notation:

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It is indeed.

var myMap = {london: ['clapham', 'chelsea'], bristol:['clifton', 'redland']}


See this example on jsFiddle

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Short answer... yes...

var m = { Foo : ["Bar", "Baz"] };

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