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I have few integration tests in Capybara+RSpec for a Rails project. Today I encountered Steak gem that meant to be pure Ruby alternative to Cucumber. Though at first glance I don't see any value in either of them. For me it looks like Steak renames describe to feature and it to scenario. Personally i would prefer describe and it because i got used to them and i don't see any reason to make my acceptance tests to look different from my controller or model tests.

Am I missing something?

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Steak is RSpec+Capybara. Steak is also these three other things: the name for this Acceptance BDD approach (so that people knows how you test just but using that name), a gem that makes that approach as convenient as possible (so that you don't have to create the same directories and helpers for each project) and a community of developers using it (so that if you have problems, you know where to ask).

For additional rationale, you may want to check out the "Why Steak?" section in the project's README, or this other StackOverflow awswer.

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