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Using Groovy's package name convention, I can intercept Groovy method calls to a Java method like so:


class FooMetaClass extends groovy.lang.DelegatingMetaClass
    FooMetaClass(MetaClass delegate)

    public Object getProperty(Object a, String key)
        return a.someMethod(key)

This works fine if I really create an object of class Foo:

def myFoo = new Foo()
def fooProperty = // metaclass invokes myFoo.someMethod("bar")

However what if Foo is an interface, and I want to intercept method calls to any implementation of it?

def myFoo = FooFactory.create()   // I don't know what class this will be
fooProperty =

Is there a way to achieve this without having a DelegatingMetaClass for every known implementation of the Interface?

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You can create a class named "groovy.runtime.metaclass.CustomMetaClassCreationHandle" to globally handle metaclass creation process.

Inside this class, you can override this method:

protected MetaClass createNormalMetaClass(Class theClass, MetaClassRegistry registry) {
  // if theClass instanceof Foo, return your special metaclass
  // else return super.createNormalMetaClass(theClass, registry)
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Perfect. Thanks. – slim Feb 17 '09 at 14:36

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