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I have created a handler in IIS7 on a Sample Web site and it works fine .That is i go to the InetMgr Open the Handler Mappings section create a new handler etc. It works fine .

Now i want the create the same handler on an web application which runs on an IIS6 and am unable access my handler . I have tried adding this under the httpHandlers section

<add verb="*" path="SampleHandler.discb"
       type="Sample.Web.SampleHandler, Sample.Web" />

Im working on an IIS6 Asp.Net web application but on development server i have IIS7 installed. Nothing works . Am i missing out anything ?

Well this is the message i get when i open the Handler Mappings section

The applicattion is in an application pool that is running in classic mode , so you can manage ISAPI extensions and native modules that are mapped to paths . you must manage managed handlers (system.web/httpHandlers) directly in the configuration file.

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Do either of these articles help?

IIS 6 ASP.NET handlers not working in virtual application.

IIS6 Wildcard Mapping to ASP.NET - no file extension results in IIS 404

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No, itried but it doesnt what does the error message "Applicattion is in an application pool that is running in classic mode" mean ? – user581157 Mar 25 '11 at 17:55
iis7 has 2 modes of application pools- 'classic' (similar to IIS6) and 'integrated'. you can configure it using the app pool's properties. I'm a bit confused- what is the exact error you're getting and on what machine (iis6 or 7)? – sJhonny Mar 27 '11 at 11:38

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