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I'm having a problem mapping a a slightly more complicated inheritance relationship using the code-first API in CTP5. When I have this:

Table A
int ID (PK)

Table B
int ID (PK)
varchar Something

public class A {
    public int ID { get; set; }

public class B : A {
    public string Something { get; set; }

...everything works just fine. But when I add this:

Table C
int ID (PK)
varchar SomethingElse

public class C : B {
    public string SomethingElse { get; set; }

...then it errors out with "Invalid column name Discriminator", which implies that EF is getting confused and thinks I'm trying to do a TPH mapping. Has anyone else seen this? Is this a known issues in EF? Do I need to do some special mapping?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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as far as I know, hierarchies on multiple levels are not supported in code first.

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