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i've been coding asp and was wondering if this is possible in php:

$data = getData($isEOF);

function getData($isEOF=false)
    // fetching data
    $isEOF = true;
    return $data;

the function getData will return some data, but i'd like to know - is it possible to also set the $isEOF variable inside the function so that it can be accessed from outside the function?


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It is possible, if your function expects it to be passed by reference :

function getData(& $isEOF=false) {


Note the & before the variable's name, in the parameters list of the function.

For more informations, here's the relevant section of the PHP manual : Making arguments be passed by reference

And, for a quick demonstration, consider the following portion of code :

$value = 'hello';
echo "Initial value : $value<br />";

echo "New value : $value<br />";

function test(& $param) {
    $param = 'plop';

Which will display the following result :

Initial value : hello
New value : plop
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Using the global statement you can use variables in any scope.

$data = getData();

function getData()
    global $isEOF;

    // fetching data
    $isEOF = true;
    return $data;

See http://php.net/manual/en/language.variables.scope.php for more info.

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Make sure you declare $isEOF before using it as a global. Ex: add $isEOF = false above $data = ... –  Toast Mar 25 '11 at 19:18

Yes, you need to pass the variable by reference.

See the example here : http://www.phpbuilder.com/manual/functions.arguments.php

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