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I have a web page which is divided into several iFrames.

In each frame is a different solution, like JavaScript in one, flash in another, applet in another.

When a user interacts with the Applet, I am trying to provide a solution where if a certain event happens in the Applet, that the Applet will die and the same iFrame gets loaded with another solution (with an href like solution). I want to be able to load another Applet, or a raw HTML solution, or whatever.

I suspect I need to wrap these solutions in something else like JavaScript, but wondering what would this solution look like.

Thanks in advance.

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See Applet.getAppletContext().showDocument(url, target).

Note that it is not guaranteed to be implemented in the JRE/browser combo. the applet is loaded in, let alone work. That is where the JavaScript comes in. ;)

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I like this idea, I will need to investigate the potential. Not sure I like the browser compatibility issue. –  Bruce Chidester Mar 25 '11 at 19:34

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