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I was trying to make Gvim highlight syntax of a certain type of file(as Perl) using following command

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.bias setf perl

But as the first line of this file doesn't start with a #!/usr/bin/perl. Gvim is not performing syntax highlighting of Perl. Any solution for this ?

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Try this in your .vimrc (I think Gvim still uses that)

autocmd BufRead *.bias set filetype=perl

If you just want to do it for a single file then try:

:set filetype=perl
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Just put the line you already have in ~/.vim/ftdetect/bias.vim and it should work. I have several custom files I've set up syntax highlighting for in this way and have had no problems.

(Note: if you're on windows, the path would be ~/vimfiles/ftdetect/bias.vim )

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