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Out of ECMA-119 specification:

8.5 Supplementary Volume Descriptor


8.5.3 Volume Flags (BP 8):

The bits of this field shall be numbered from 0 to 7 starting with the least significant bit. This field shall specify certain characteristics of the volume as follows.

Bit 0:

if set to ZERO, shall mean that the Escape Sequences field specifies only escape sequences registered according to ISO 2735;

if set to ONE, shall mean that the Escape Sequences field specifies at least one escape sequence not registered according to ISO 2375.

On iso.org I found the ISO-2735 standard:

Hermetically sealed metal food containers -- Capacities and diameters of round open-top and vent hole cans for milk

And the ISO 2375 standard:

Data processing -- Procedure for registration of escape sequences

Could somebody confirm "ISO 2735" as a typing error meant "ISO 2375"? Is there an ECMA standard equivalent to ISO 2375?

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Gosh, this all has shades of Red Dwarf about it! Especially article 39436175880932-B on prisoners of war. –  Donal Fellows Jul 3 '11 at 20:50

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Yes, I do believe you are correct in that there is a typographical error in Ecma-119. It should be Ecma-2375 where it says Ecma-2735. I will inform Ecma of this issue.

There is no Ecma equivalent to ISO 2375. However, ISO 2375 is referenced in some Ecma specifications, such as Ecma-35 (Character Code Structure and Extension Techniques).

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