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i have read many articles that can be found on soap , i am trying to learn all that i can about it, but none of them make any sense to me. I know the basics of xml and i see alot of xpath being used in the xml examples that are shown on these articles. Do i need to know xpath in order to make sense out of soap?

The reason i want to make sense out of soap is because i have build a custom web app (ecommerce) and i need to display fedex rates during shipout and after looking through fedex the data exchange is through soap. I have tried looking for a php class but they are all outdated since fedex has updated their systems.

I do understand what soap is and how it is used but i cannot find one article that explains in plain english for beginners. If you know of any articles or somehow to help me that would be great.

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I have tried looking for a php class but they are all outdated since fedex has updated their systems.

Have you checked FedEx's latest PHP SDK/library? It was upgraded to use the SOAP method long, long ago when they announced they were retiring the old, non-SOAP API. Using it will protect you from the utter insanity that is SOAP itself.

You don't need to know a single thing about XML if the SOAP implementation you use is sane. PHP's built-in SOAP handler is absolutely insane, but in a different way.

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i'm trying to look for it but cant i have seen a few code examples but they give errors. if i can remember the page i got the code from on fedex.com i'd give the errors i got but their site is hard to find data –  Sarmen B. Mar 25 '11 at 22:16

I would suggest taking a higher level approach to soap - as suggested by others here, it's for the most part something you don't want to mess around with the inner workings of.

The nusoap php library is used by many, and lets you consume and create web services quite easily.

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do you know of any video tutorials on it? –  Sarmen B. Mar 25 '11 at 22:16

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