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Having checked the documentation at, I am looking for a concise guide for theming drupal 7 as contained in "Pro Drupal Development" for 5 and 6?

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EmmaJane Hogbin, who co-authored Front End Drupal, the best book that I know about theming Drupal 6, has a blog on her website ( ) that is beginning to cover Drupal 7 theming. Her new sitebuilding extravaganza course for Drupal 7 theming is in session, so it's too late to sign-up for that.

Chris Shattuck has a great subscription video instruction website called Build a Module, which has a section on Drupal theming:

Packt Publishing lists an upcoming book (Jine 2011) by Rick Sheves called Drupal 7 Themes: RAW.

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