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I am using Netbeans IDE and connected it to Subversion. I have two folders in my netbeans project.

 --> Zend

I downloaded the latest Zend framework and want to update the local Zend Folder. I tried multiple options like the following and SVN complains that it's not a working copy.

  1. Replace Zend Folder with new Zend folder and committing changes. - Didn't work. SVN says it's not a working copy and i have to do update from svn.
  2. Delete Zend Folder locally and put new one. Still doesn't work. SVN says it's not a working copy and i have to update from svn.

How do i solve this dilemma?


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When you delete a folder, you're also deleting the .svn folder which tells SVN that the folder is a working copy folder.

Delete/replace the files, but not the directories.

Or delete the folder, commit, add the new folder, and commit again.

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