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If you had the opportunity to take one computer science course now, and as a result significantly increase your knowledge in a subject area, what would it be? Undergraduate or graduate level.

Compilers? Distributed algorithms? Concurrency theory? Advanced operating systems?

Let me know why.

(Note that I appreciate this isn't a far fetched scenario - but time and inertia might be preventing people from taking the course or reading the book or whatever)

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Since I have already taken compilers, algorithms and all the other standard CS stuff, I would probably take something more interesting and "trendy" like IPhone development

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i'm still bummed Neural Networks was full when I wanted to take it at college

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Compilers, and Operating Systems

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Computer Architecture. To have a better understanding of how your software actually runs at the end.

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Statistics. Being able to look at a log, count the errors, count the successes, and give the probability of future failures is useful in figuring out "do we need to fix this now, or can it sit for awhile?"

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Computer graphics and/or image processing. No better way to start thinking about parallelization in algorithms.

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