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hello every one please help me regarding how to make a good query to fetch the data from three table. I am making a database in which there will be users , employee and services which will provided to users via employee so i have set that table name as task. Now i can add the task by fetching the data from different table , the thing right now i want to do is show the entire record by fetching all the client data and services available to him and and who will be going to perform that services . so how can i put the query on the task table to fetch the data from the other table. Thanks

**task table** 
task_id user_id  employee_id    service_id  starttime   endtime date

by using this table i have to fetch data from other three table by using

user_id employee_id service_id

employee table
employee_id pno name    age pic_path

user table
user_id pno name    age pic_path

service table
service_id  name    description
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Read up on INNER JOIN in MySQL –  LesterDove Mar 26 '11 at 0:22

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    e.name AS employee_name,
    u.name AS user_name,
    s.name AS service_name, s.description
FROM tasks AS t
INNER JOIN employees AS e ON e.employee_id = t.employee_id
INNER JOIN users AS u ON u.user_id = t.user_id
INNER JOIN services AS s ON s.service_id = t.service_id
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Thanks man .... –  umar Mar 26 '11 at 0:55

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