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I have an R script that runs on a host, and starts jobs on a server. The jobs output large hdf5 files.

The rest of my work is done on the host. However, the R hdf5 libraries only work on the server and not the host (because of a known bug).

From R on the host, can I connect to an R session on the server, load the R hdf5 libraries, extract data from an hdf5 file, and then pass this object to the host?

Current approach

My current kludge is to call a bash script from within R that invokes an R script on the server and does the extraction to Rdata files, and then use rsync to bring it back to the host (all within system())


Is there a better way to extract data from these hdf5 files on the server?

I am thinking of something like entering a server R session in the same way that I can enter the browser session when debugging.

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Do the HDF5 bindings work in other languages? If so, maybe use the h5py and rpy2 packages in Python to ship the data over to R. –  kwatford Mar 26 '11 at 0:56
@kwatford h5utils do work, although the R utils are easier (for me) to use and I would prefer not to have to rewrite the code. –  David Mar 26 '11 at 0:58

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How about Rserve, or there is a video of using svSocket for passing data between client and server on the data.table homepage.

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