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I have a search form on my page and I want to submit the form using GET. The search form looks like this:

    @using (Html.BeginForm("List", "Search", FormMethod.Get))
        @Html.HiddenFor(model => model.CategoryName)
        @Html.HiddenFor(model => model.RegionName)

        <table class="plain">
                <td>@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.FromDate)</td>
                <td>@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.ToDate)</td>
                <td colspan="2"><input type="submit" id="Search" value="Search" />


with a view model like this:

public class SideNavModel
    public string CategoryName { get; set; }
    public string RegionName { get; set; }
    public string FromDate { get; set; }
    public string ToDate { get; set; }

I have routes set up like this:

        new { controller = "Search", action = "List", CategoryName = "All", RegionName = "All", FromDate = "", ToDate = "" });

        new { controller = "Search", action = "List", CategoryName = "All", RegionName = "All" });

So, when I actually do the search, the URL is sent to:


where I actually want:


I'm not sure if it is significant but the way this is set up, the search needs to appear on every page. So, in the _layout.cshtml 'masterpage', I have this:


and in the BaseController, this:

public PartialViewResult LoadNavigationSide(SideNavModel model)
    // other code
    // ...
    return PartialView("NavigationSide", model);

(it needs to be like this since it does a little more than just return the model - so it can't be a simple @Html.Partial("NavigationSide") call)

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If you use method="GET" on your form the HTML specification states that the user agent should send a GET request to the url used in the action attribute and append values as query string arguments.

If you use method="POST" on your form the HTML specification states that the user agent should send a POST request to the action attribute and write the values of form fields in the POST request body.

Conclusion: what you are trying to achieve is impossible with plain HTML.

One way to achieve this would be to use javascript and subscribe for the onsubmit event of the form, build the request url and manually redirect to it after canceling the default behavior. Example with jQuery:

$('form').submit(function() {
    var url = this.action + '/' + $('#FromDate').val() + '/' + $('#ToDate').val();
    window.location.href = url;
    return false;

But personally I would stick with a POST verb.

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thanks Darin. I am surprised that his isn't supported by the framework but i've got it working with the javascript method you have provided. As a side note, I want to use GET because if I were to do a search from some page, lets say '/Search/All/Region/20110101/20110201' and then did a search from that page again, a POST request would still have the old URL - it would not reflect the new dates – Beno Mar 26 '11 at 12:44
@quagland, that's not a limitation of the ASP.NET MVC framework. It is how the HTML specification is defined and browsers simply follow this specification. – Darin Dimitrov Mar 26 '11 at 12:49
right, that makes sense now that I think about it some more. Thanks for your help – Beno Mar 26 '11 at 12:55

Do you have a SearchController in your solution? It sounds like you might be routing to the default route, which makes sense if you are declaring the default route before the custom Search routes.

Also, Haack's Route Debugger, is a great tool for testing routes.

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Yes, I do have a SearchController. The SearchController is receiving the parameters OK. – Beno Mar 26 '11 at 1:45
I've had a look at the Route debugger (very handy). If I have a url like: /Search/All/SomeRegion - I want this to fall through to the earch/{CategoryName}/{RegionName} route. At the moment, it is being picked up by Search/{CategoryName}/{RegionName}/{FromDate}/{ToDate}. Is there a way to do this? – Beno Mar 26 '11 at 2:07
Try removing the part where you assign the default parameters. It would seem like that is the only reason they could match – smartcaveman Mar 26 '11 at 2:14
Well, that has fixed most of the problems I've been having. The whole thing functions correctly now but the search issue remains - the GET request on the form still returns a url like: /Search/?CategoryName=All&RegionName=SomeRegion&FromDate=20110301&ToDate=201103‌​27 It is OK if I use POST but that results in 'false' URLs. Do I need to tell the search form what route to use or something? – Beno Mar 26 '11 at 3:15

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