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I'm trying to make my vCard and it pretty much has redundant information. Like my name, number, website, company name, my title (or in my case my group name title)

These values exists in a few tables


I could easily just make a vCard table and house all that information in there, but is that a good way to go? Or should I just JOIN to get the information from all 3 tables to populate my vCard.

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maybe you can have a view that gets the info from all the other tables? –  gideon Mar 26 '11 at 7:32

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Well, the question is what you do. Manage VCards - then go with the vcard oriented model. Manage information where vcard is the output, then maybe get a copy of the Data Model Ressource Book and look how to design a good address and contact maangement system (hint: it is a LITTLE more complicated).

In general, both approaches have merit. The problem with copying data are updates. It is often done when no / rare updaets happen, such as data warehouses. Joins keep the data size small, which makes processing easier, but require more processing power.

For a vcard management system I doubt it makes a difference. How many hundred thousand people you plan to enter?

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well my thought was have something like www.foo.bar/someuser/vcard and have that point to vcard.php that does a query to pull the data that goes into the vcard. and that information is the same information fouund under www.foo.bar/user/someuser which points to profile.php. I mean its all the same thing, so I was wondering what would be less of a strain –  Eli Mar 26 '11 at 8:36

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