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I've been crawling the web for this and I really couldn't find the solution. I've created a game session in GKSessionModeServer (NOT GKSessionModePeer!) Multiple clients connect to my game session just fine.

Once one or more users are connected, I execute this method to show the current status:

NSArray* users = [currentSession peersWithConnectionState:GKPeerStateConnected];
[lbStatus setString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d users connected",users.count]];

This says "1 users connected" (or more) properly, I got no problem with that.

Now, on the device that is hosting the game (the server), I'm trying to FORCE disconnect a client. I want to get rid of a client (I'll want my server host to be able to kick players out). Problem is, I haven't found a way to disconnect a client from my server.

I thought this would work:

[currentSession disconnectPeerFromAllPeers:player.peerID];

But it has no effect (client state does not change; also when I run the method above it still says "1 users connected"). I've read somewhere that disconnectPeerFromAllPeers is only for peer to peer sessions (1 on 1) which isn't what I'm doing.

The only way I see around this is to send a data message to the client, and the client will trigger the disconnection on his side. That poses a problem: what if the client isn't responding somehow? What if I want to force disconnect him? I think there should be a way to force disconnect clients... but how?

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Perhaps when you disconnect the client it immediately reconnects as it "discovers" a server. Did you make sure this does not happen? Otherwise sending the data package with a disconnect command to that peer seems like a viable option. If not responding, remember state that peer is dead and just remove from the game. – openfrog Nov 20 '12 at 23:01

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