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Question: anyone have multiple searching coding using asp ? Can you share?

This is what I want to do..

There are 3 option or searching..by name, by location, by region

For the first display all data with paging..on top it has searching.


when search by region it will display all region are selected. Then it allow to filter by name to get specific

   Dim adoCon        
   Dim rsGuestbook    
   Dim strSQL          
   Dim lngRecordNo    

   lngRecordNo = CLng(Request.QueryString("ID"))

   Set rsGuestbook = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

   'Initialise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database'
   strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tbl_Master WHERE ID=" & lngRecordNo

   rsGuestbook.Open strSQL, oConn
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Here is a querystring search be name,department,age. It works properly. It might help you. Just fetch your values. Put those in proper places. And don't forget to change your tablename


sqlStr="Select * from Student_Entry"

    if name1<>"" then
        sqlWhere = " Where S_name='"&name1&"'"  
    end if
    if dept1<>"" then
        if sqlWhere = "" then
            sqlWhere = " Where S_dept='"&dept1&"'"
        sqlWhere = sqlWhere&" And S_dept='"&dept1&"'"
        end if  
    end if

    if age1<>"" then
        if sqlWhere = "" then
            'sqlWhere = " Where  S_age="&age1&""
            sqlWhere = " Where  S_age"&agestr&age1 

            'sqlWhere = sqlWhere&" And  S_age="&age1&""
            sqlWhere =sqlWhere&" And S_age"&agestr&age1
        end if  
    end if

    sqlStr = sqlStr & sqlWhere
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it sounds like you are describing multiple dependent lists (?)

there is an example here with demo:


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thanks..there we need to select all then output process..it hard to me to modify the code so that output will appear when first selected tick.none to select 3 of them –  greenCat Mar 27 '11 at 1:16
strname , strlocation and strregion value will depend on selection if not select then default value will be "". 

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tbl_Master WHERE ID=" & lngRecordNo 

if strname <> "" THEN
strSQL = strSQL & " and name ='"& strname &"' "

if strlocation <> "" THEN
strSQL = strSQL & " and location='"& strlocation &"'

if strregion <> "" THEN
strSQL = strSQL & " and region='"& strregion &"'

rsGuestbook.Open strSQL, oConn
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