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I have a list of object: list(brought from an sql database). Every student has an attribute called Article=article written by this student like:

  public class Student


     public string Article

From my page users need to search words ,phrase in students articles. The students matching the user search are shown in a datalist.

For example when the user type: phrase="Object Oriented Programming", I need to find all students whom the article contains one the possible combinations of words of the typed phrase:Like "programming", "Object Oriented", "Oriented", ....

I have tested with full text index in the database, and it's very slow and I have a problem in embedding wildcard % in a dynamic sql string.

Any suggestions?

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The .NET port of Lucene might be your best bet...

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There is no documentation – user594166 Mar 26 '11 at 8:33

You could also have a look at LIFTI

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