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I am getting the value from webservice. I am storing in sqlite. While storing in sqlite, I am getting an error. even I replaced single quote with "\'". Which characters are not supported in sqlite?

My error is:

03-26 13:22:22.478: WARN/System.err(311): android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near "s": syntax error:

My insert statement is:

myDB.execSQL("INSERT INTO "+TableName
                     +" VALUES ('"+(homevalue)+"');");

Can anybody tell what to do or give an example?

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Can you print the string "INSERT INTO "+TableName +"("+fieldname+")" +" VALUES ('"+(homevalue)+"');" –  rajath Mar 26 '11 at 8:57

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there is a name which is like "name's" i.e this single quote is problem

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Maybe one of your string TableName, fieldname or homevalue contains some quotation. print out the query first and see.

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I am just a beginner, but i think you should write it like this:

"INSERT INTO " + tableName + "(" + feildName + ") VALUES ('" + homeValue + "');"

you put () around the homeValue

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