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I would like to nest multiple setPropertyActionListener's in my commandLink but only one works. How do you attempt this? This command link sets properties and then opens a dialog so its basically initializing the dialog.

How is this accomplished?

<p:commandLink update=":dreamWebSearchFrm" value="#{bundle['']}" oncomplete="">
    <f:setPropertyActionListener value="false" target="#{dreamSearchBean.shouldRender}"/>
    <f:setPropertyActionListener value="true" target="#{dreamSearchBean.shouldRender1}"/>
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You could make use of EL parameters and call a single method on your bean. From that method, update whatever you want.


#{dreamSearchBean.shouldRenderInit(false, true)}

In your bean:

public void shouldRenderInit(boolean one, boolean two) {
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I use the following command to set property value

    value="#{gridData.finalActionCdDesc}" />

Mine is working fine. Your code looks correct except the value="true" part. Try to pass boolean value in the following way.

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