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I want to write a function like so,

        public System.Windows.Input.Key ResolveKey(char charToResolve)
            // Code goes here, that resolves the charToResolve
            // in to the Key enumerated value
            // (For example with '.' as the character for Key.OemPeriod)


I know I can write a huge Switch-case to match the character, but is there any other way? The thing with this is the Key enum's string may not match with the character so Enum.IsDefined will not work

Any ideas?

Update: This is in Windows environment

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What is the environment? winforms/asp.net? What is the purpose of doing such a thing? –  shahkalpesh Feb 13 '09 at 0:15

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static extern short VkKeyScan(char ch);

static public Key ResolveKey(char charToResolve)
    return KeyInterop.KeyFromVirtualKey(VkKeyScan(charToResolve));
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Try using the ConvertFrom method of the System.Windows.Input.KeyConverter class.

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doesn't working with '.' –  Avram Feb 13 '09 at 1:09
This isn't meant to be used that way. Take a peek at it in Reflector and you'll see it only supports letters, digits, and a few other keys. Notable exceptions include ?, which would need to be the string "OemQuestion" to get converted properly. –  OwenP Dec 2 '09 at 22:34

Hi Just convert that way

Dim KeyConverter As New Forms.KeysConverter    
Dim S As String = KeyConverter.ConvertToString(e.Key)
Dim O As System.Windows.Forms.Keys = KeyConverter.ConvertFrom(S)
Dim ChValue As Integer = CType(O, Integer) 

In my case I press "ENTER" on my keyboard, O is going into ENTER {13} and ChValue is going into Character Code 13 For TABKey I will receive Character Code 9 that way for example.

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