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i recently came to know that groovy++ have been released, what is the major difference is in Groovy and Groovy++?

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From the groovy++ page

Groovy++ is statically typed extension of Groovy programming language. Additionally to all goodies of standard Groovy it adds a lot of functionality

  • compile time checking of code
  • as fast as Java performance of compiled code
  • easy mixing of statically and dynamically typed code
  • very powerful type inference
  • tail recursion traits (interfaces with default implementation)
  • extension methods (compile time categories)
  • standard library of utilities for functional programming, concurrency and distributed computing (early prototype stage)
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It should be mentioned that I believe Groovy++ development has ceased, and static checking is being implemented for Groovy 2 (currently in beta) – tim_yates May 10 '12 at 8:06
See also: What happened to groovy++? – lpacheco Sep 15 '14 at 17:37

There is a good article on what Groovy++ brings to Groovy here. It includes benchmark results, so you can see the performance difference vs. Groovy and straight Java.

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Groovy++ is an extension to the core Groovy 1.x language. You drop the GroovyPP.jar file into the Groovy library directory, add @Typed in front of the package keyword in your code, then run your code just as you would in core Groovy. It infers the types, AND runs faster!

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