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import os, sys, time
from threading import Thread
from threading import currentThread

import SimpleXMLRPCServer

servAddr = ("localhost", 8000)

serv = SimpleXMLRPCServer.SimpleXMLRPCServer(servAddr)

tt = []

import SimpleXMLRPCServer

class myThread(Thread):

    def __init__ (self,p):
        self.p = p

    def run (self):
        t = currentThread()
        while 1:
            n = random.random()
            tt[self.p] = self.p + '!!!'

def rn():
    mythreads = []
    for p in (1,2,3):
        t = myThread(p)

    return 1
def test():
    return tt
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Python objects like dict are already thread safe, so in that sense your script is already thread safe. What other specific thing you want to make thread safe, at-least for now it looks ok

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may need to lock tt for writing or not ? docs.python.org/release/2.5.2/lib/condition-objects.html –  Bdfy Mar 26 '11 at 12:42
@Bdfy , no objects like dict are already threadsafe for such operation, if you were doing some complex calculations involving multiple objects then you should think about locks, semaphores etc –  Anurag Uniyal Mar 27 '11 at 3:52

I am not really familiar with python, but can't you use Semaphores / Monitors for atomic insurance?

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