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I'd like to map an int value pbs_errno declared as a global in the library libtorque.so using ctypes.

Currently I can load the library like so:

from ctypes import *
libtorque = CDLL("libtorque.so")

and have successfully mapped a bunch of the functions. However, for error checking purposes many of them set the pbs_errno variable so I need access to that as well. However if I try to access it I get:

>>> pytorque.libtorque.pbs_errno
<_FuncPtr object at 0x9fc690>

Of course, it's not a function pointer and attempting to call it results in a seg fault.

It's declared as int pbs_errno; in the main header and extern int pbs_errno; in the API header files.

Objdump shows the symbol as:

00000000001294f8 g    DO .bss   0000000000000004  Base        pbs_errno
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Try libtorque.pbs_errno.restype = c_int –  J.F. Sebastian Feb 13 '09 at 0:47
John's answer is correct. Setting the restype only changes the return type of the function, AFAICT. If I actually tried to call pbs_errno as a function it resulted in a segfault. –  Kamil Kisiel Feb 13 '09 at 16:10

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There's a section in the ctypes docs about accessing values exported in dlls:



def pbs_errno():
    return c_int.in_dll(libtorque, "pbs_errno")

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Thanks. Somehow I missed that section when using the docs. It's a big manual with a ton of varying content, easy to glance over and not notice :/ –  Kamil Kisiel Feb 13 '09 at 16:09

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