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I have a user control shows a details of a record in a grid and it is shown inside a JQuery poup.

To implement that, I suppose to make a postback to this user control and pass a value from the client holds the id of the item which I want to show its details.

I know that ModalPopup provids the server side functionality but actually I prefer the JQuery controls.

I wonder if you could give me your opinion about that should I use Microsoft Modal Popup or It is OK to use a JQuery client side with some effort in postbacks?

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  1. I, personally, would go for a jQuery approach. Atleast you can be sure of and have a fair degree of control over everything that's happening under the hood.

  2. With a little effort you can even fetch your records via Ajax(jQuery
    has a whole bunch of stuff in its Ajax API) and inject them into your modal window.

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