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I want to extract all real urls of all paragraphs from a web page with Jsoup

The problem is that I manage to extract the URLs of all paragraphs but not real, just like this:

I can extract the Urls of all paragraphs but not real urls

this is my programm :

  Elements links = doc.select("p");
  String code=links.html();
  Document doc2 = Jsoup.parse(code);
  Elements linkss = doc2.getElementsByTag("a");

  for (Element link : linkss)
    if (link.text().matches("^[A-Z].+") == true) 
      list.add(new NamedLink("link.attr("href"), link.text()));

I want URLs like http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husni_al-Zaim and not like this /Husni_al-Zaim. do you have some ideas?

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Use .absUrl("href") instead of .attr("href"). This only works when you get the document from a webpage or parse the full file from disk (and thus do not massage portions from HTML to text and back as in your example).

Document document = Jsoup.connect("http://stackoverflow.com").get();
Elements paragraphLinks = document.select("p a");
for (Element paragraphLink : paragraphLinks) {
    String absUrl = paragraphLink.absUrl("href");
    // ...
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I want to take the words that begin with capital letters, including accented uppercase –  user651584 Mar 26 '11 at 14:05
That's a different question (and I don't understand it). –  BalusC Mar 26 '11 at 14:41

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