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I'm writing application what will allow me to try detect what type of HTTP proxy user have installed.

Script calling remote server adding parameter http://xxxx.php?my_ip=real_IP

Here is my application:


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  echo "You are not using proxy.";  

if(in_array($real_ip, $ip_array))
    echo "You are using transparent proxy with one releave your ip.";

   || $_SERVER['HTTP_VIA'])
    echo "You are using anonymous proxy with one protect Your IP but inform www servers about using proxy";    
    echo "You are using elite proxy, with one hide your IP and don't inform www servers about using proxy";    



<p>Ip  HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR FOR : $ip1</p>
<p>Ip  HTTP_X_FORWARDED  : $ip2</p>
<p>Ip  HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR FOR : $ip3</p>
<p>Ip  HTTP_CLIENT_IP FOR : $ip4</p>
<p>Ip  HTTP_VIA FOR : $ip5</p>
<p>Ip  remote addr  : $ip6</p>

echo $table;


I run some tests and application looks working very well.

If you have any tips please tell me.

I mean i would like know am i dont miss something important.


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Another way in which some major players (Paypal, eBay, sites that have high security etc) find proxies is by looking up your IP's hostname with gethostbyaddr() which can reveal a source that is likely to be a proxy E.g. server.squid.com (Very obvious example to show you what I mean!)

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