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I am using jQuery validation plugins

I am trying to find events like on error and on noerror so i can set a callback function when there is a error and there is no error

I am trying to do something like this

    onerror: function(form) {
        var frameWidth = jQuery(document).width();
        var frameHeight = jQuery(document).height() + 35;
        parent.$.fn.colorbox.myResize(frameWidth, frameHeight);
   onnoerror: function(form) {
        var frameWidth = jQuery(document).width();
        var frameHeight =  380;
        parent.$.fn.colorbox.myResize(frameWidth, frameHeight);

Because my pageopen in colorbox iframe and page get big when error shows up so I am resizing the page but I can't find any events like I added in code is there any way to do his

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Exactly what to do depends on how you're performing the validation (i.e., submit time or change-by-change), but there's a "submitHandler" callback that's called when the form is valid, and "showErrors" to display error messages when it's not valid.

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this is exactly what i am trying to do – r1400304 Mar 26 '11 at 14:31
OK, well then there you have it. The documentation for the plugin describes the parameter(s) passed in to those handlers. – Pointy Mar 26 '11 at 14:45

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