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For camera preview, we can setup a surfaceView to display the preview data by camera workflow. But I want to enhance the preview data first (such as extract the edge map), then display the enhanced preview data to sufaceView (such as only display the edge map).

How should I do that?

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You'll need to stop the frames being sent to the surfaceView and displayed automatically. I asked this question and got this reply, http://stackoverflow.com/a/4363417/514531, basically you have to change the type of the SurfaceView to the default setting instead of mHolder.setType(SurfaceHolder.SURFACE_TYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS);, so just omit this line. Secondly you do not want to set the preview to any display so when you are setting up the Camera remove the line Camera.setPreviewDisplay(mHolder); // mHolder is your holder to the SurfaceView I assume you have a Camera Callback set up, this is achieved by making your class implement the Camera.PreviewCallback, this will include an onPreviewFrame() method where raw frames are received. You'll need to process these frames into Bitmaps and this is explained in http://stackoverflow.com/a/4367250/514531. Once you've done this you can do any image processing on the image. When you want to display images on the SurfaceView you can now do this manually by drawing the Bitmaps onto a canvas on the SurfaceView. You first create a Canvas object and attach it to the SurfaceView using Canvas mCanvas = mHolder.lockCanvas(), you can now use the various Draw methods of the Canvas class to display your Bitmap on the screen. After you have used the Draw methods call mHolder.unlockCanvas(), to display the image. I hope this is what you were after.

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