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i'm new to ggplot and i'm trying to automatically plot multiple subset of the data to different pdf files , but i'm encoutering an error and need your help.

that's my code :

names( t ) <- c("A","C","G","T","(A-T)/(A+T)","(G-C)/(G+T)","(A+T)/(G+C)","accession","Phylum","Order","Class")
    for (x in phy){ 
    pdf(paste(x,".pdf") , width=25, height=15)
    test<-subset(t, Phylum==x)
    dat <- melt(test, measure=c("A", "C" , "G" , "T" , "(A-T)/(A+T)", "(G-C)/(G+T)","(A+T)/(G+C)"))
    ggplot(dat, aes(Class,value , color=variable))  + geom_boxplot() +geom_jitter()   +  facet_grid(variable~., scales="free_y")

the error is :

argument implies differing number of row: 0,1

how can i fix this error? thanks for your help

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I deleted my original answer, and started a new:

t <- structure(list(A = 0.286945, C = 0.322006, G = "0.1473610.2436880.081520-0.4466031.130529NC_000846", T = "Chordata", `(A-T)/(A+T)` = "Rheiformes", `(G-C)/(G+T)` = "Aves", `(A+T)/(G+C)` = 0.39562, accession = "0.1334170.0917400.3792240.021160-0.0884933.441356NC_000857", Phylum = "Arthropoda", Order = "Diptera", Class = "Insecta"), .Names = c("A", "C", "G", "T", "(A-T)/(A+T)", "(G-C)/(G+T)", "(A+T)/(G+C)", "accession", "Phylum", "Order", "Class"), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -1L))

If I run your code, it runs without a warning message, though no plot was saved as did not specified dev.off at the end of the loop. You could upload your data file to eg. pastebin.

UPDATE: based on demo data file

Thanks for uploading a sample dataset! I run a modified version of your code (to be able to save the plots in pdf) which run without error/warning:

t=read.table("txt-part.txt", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
names( t ) <- c("A","C","G","T","(A-T)/(A+T)","(G-C)/(G+T)","(A+T)/(G+C)","accession","Phylum","Order","Class")

for (x in phy){ 
    if(x != "???:???") {
    test<-subset(t, Phylum==x)
    dat <- melt(test, measure=c("A", "C" , "G" , "T" , "(A-T)/(A+T)", "(G-C)/(G+T)","(A+T)/(G+C)"))
    p <- ggplot(dat, aes(Class,value , color=variable))  + geom_boxplot() +geom_jitter()   +  facet_grid(variable~., scales="free_y")
    ggsave(paste(x,".pdf"), p, width=25, height=15)

I have got 2 pdf files as expected on your sample data set. If it does not run on the whole data set, I have no idea of the problem without checking the original data file. Maybe others do! :)

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hello , first of all thank you for your help, i tried your option , but the same error appeared. what do you mean with an example ? and how do i use this function (dput) to help you in resolving my problem ? –  weblover Mar 27 '11 at 0:28
@abd replace read.table() with the output of dput(t) in your question –  David Mar 27 '11 at 0:42
@abd: could you please post the output of dput(t) or if the output would be really large than upload some example data (part of your txt file) somewhere? I made some expreiment with your code on the diamonds dataset and your code seemed fine. –  daroczig Mar 27 '11 at 0:43
hello , that's a part of my txt file , it's the same thing generated from the dput function : 0.286945 0.322006 0.147361 0.243688 0.081520 -0.446603 1.130529 NC_000846 Chordata Rheiformes Aves 0.395620 0.133417 0.091740 0.379224 0.021160 -0.088493 3.441356 NC_000857 Arthropoda Diptera Insecta –  weblover Mar 27 '11 at 0:53
how can i upload a text file , because like this you wont be able to understand how the data is arranged , in each row there is 11 column(variable) , but they won't appear good here , if there is no way to upload a txt file : each 11 value make 1 row –  weblover Mar 27 '11 at 1:01

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