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i have a kohana module, describing a table that has a reference to another table. So i declare in the 'Sale' module:

protected $_belongs_to = array(
    'image'     => array('foreign_key' => 'sale_picture_header'),

and then, in a get method, i say:

 public function __get($property)
blah blah
     if ($property == 'image')
        return $this->image; 

and then i call in a view

                <? $image = $sale->image->find(); ?>

but i get a weird error :

Notice: Undefined property: Model_Sale::$image in ...

(in the model) where i declare $this-> image (so it doesn't actually recognise this property an i wonder why)

why is that? the property is defined. am i missing something?

thank you!

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Assuming your question is about ORM models

There is no need to modify __get() method, because ORM will automatically return table columns and relations by their names. Just use $sale->image (without ->find()) and you get a related model.

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