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I am new to vim and would like to configure command-t plugin to work in vim 7.3. It says it doesn't have ruby support. Is there any way to configure vim to have ruby support on windows 7?

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I think you need to compile vim with --enable-rubyinterp flag.
Check if vim has support for ruby using :version in vi.

If that shows -ruby (no ruby support) then you will have to compile from vim source or fetch an installer which was compiled that way.

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I guess that your problem is that you do not have ruby installed and that plug-in need it. Try installing ruby:


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You can't configure vim to have ruby support (as in checking a box or changing an option). You have to download a distribution of vim with ruby support or download the sources and compile it yourself. Type

vim --version

If it says "-ruby" then you need to install a different vim version that has it supported (+ruby).

You can follow the step-by-step here: My own post or Official doc installation

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