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I'm getting this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [page].php on line 49

This is an echo of the $json variable: [{"d":"2011-03-26","q":1,"t":1060},{"d":"2011-03-26","q":2,"t":1060},{"d":"2011-03-26","q":1,"t":1060}]

And I'm trying to iterate through like so:

foreach($json as $obj) { // <--THIS IS LINE 49
    // Stuff
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Just a guess:

Your $json variable is a string. You'll need to convert it to an object using json_decode to iterate through the object:

$json_obj = json_decode( $json );
foreach( $json_obj as $obj )
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Ahh, Thanks. I knew it was something simple. The previous line was $json = base64_decode($json); So it would output a string. – pjama Mar 26 '11 at 18:27

you have to decode the json before you can iterate it.

The JSON-String itself is meaningless to foreach.

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Try using json_decode() first. It looks like your variable is json encoded, which means it's really just a string, and therefore not enumerable by foreach.

foreach(json_decode($json) as $obj) {
    // stuff
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foreach(json_decode($json) as $obj) { // stuff }

It returns me a Warning like this : Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), although works.

My code is here:

function search_terms ( $json , $term ) 
            if ( $json != null ){
                foreach ( $json as $item ) {// Recursive function
                    $this->search_terms ( $item, $term );

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