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If my requirement was to return data for a DropDownlist in a webform, a winform, a wpf form etc from a separate dll (DAL, Domain etc). What would you return?

I could use:




and the others of a similar nature but I dont like the way 'SelectListItem' is tied to the System.Web.Mvc namespace. Maybe its just me but it just seems a little specific. My webform may not even be using MVC although it would still work?

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I think you have sort of answered your own question in that it is inappropriate to return a SelectList from an assembly that may be consumed by applications that are not asp.net MVC. This would even lead to a WPF application have to reference System.Web.Mvc.

A more appropriate architecture would be to return an IEnumerable of some type that you will then convert to the appropriate list item type for the current application type. This conversion could occur in some sort of adapter layer or via extension methods if that is more helpful to you.

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Yes that is my question really how are others doing it. How you have described is how I do it but all that conversion isnt required when a SelectListItem is returned of some type. I can just do DropDL.Foo = Repository.SomeListdata instead of havng to convert all the time. I actually return IEnumerable<Foo> then convert but again Im just trying o get other ideas –  William Humphreys Mar 26 '11 at 19:59
@William So therefore your best bet is then to have a FooDropDownService in your application that gets your list of Foo from the datastore and converts to the DropDownList type of you application. –  Swaff Mar 26 '11 at 20:08
That would mean the a service would have to be created for each app type ( Generally speaking my service is in the same dll as the repository and is used by all) I suppose you could create your own FooSelectListItem Class to be returned by the service and decouple from the MVC dll –  William Humphreys Mar 26 '11 at 20:14
After debating with myself lol I think your way is probably best. Just return a list of table data from the Repository : Service : Into Apps own service to convert into ListItem : into Dropdownlist –  William Humphreys Mar 26 '11 at 20:22

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