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Very simple question (I hope), does there exist a tool similar to phpMyAdmin when working with a MySQL DB but for PostgreSQL databases?

The reason I'm not just googling for a solution is that I am not as familiar with PostgreSQL as I am with MySQL and I was hoping that the SO community would be able to provide a tool that you have experience working with.

Thank you in advance for any responses. :)

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There is a similar tool, phppgadmin. The layout is bit different from phpmyadmin but I've used it on a few of my web servers and the interface works very nicely and it's just as useful.

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Thanks Parrots, interface isn't as important as to what the tool provides. I'll check it out and post back on any success. :) –  Magic Hat Feb 13 '09 at 2:20
I wrote phppgadmin as a 'better' phpmyadmin, so it should be good for you :) –  Chris KL Feb 14 '09 at 5:58
Just wanted to comment that I've been using it and it works great. I highly recommend it as well. ;) –  Magic Hat Mar 13 '09 at 22:47

If you prefer a GUI app, this is really good:


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The RazorSQL SQL GUI Tool supports PostgreSQL and MySQL.

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PgManager 3 is a good one to administrative tasks (www.pgadmin.org) [not so sweet for development tasks as pgplsql dev). But you even can handle slony replication with this tool. There is a commercial one, SQL Management Studio for PostgreSQL, it is a really good one, I was using it since a lot of time and it really shines in development and administrative tasks (http://sqlmanager.net/en/products). Navicat for PostgreSQL is an easy one to use, simple administrative tool very similar to the MySQL one. (pgsql.navicat.com) [commercial] I remember there was a few one, but right now I can only remember those three.

Hope it helps to you!

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The Tadpole DB Hub supoort PostgreSQL and Mysql, SQLite, MSSQL, Oracle, Mongodb... etc..

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