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I'm wondering if it is possible to make my own personal icon for when my app is running? I don't really want to worry about adding it to the notification scroll down menu. I just want the picture in the top left corner. Any help on how to go about doing this would be appreciated. Thanks

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Actually it is possible to change the icon in the top left corner. You have to change the ic_launcher png file (in res/drawable). Don't forget to change it in the hdpi, mdpi and ldpi folder.

  • for mdpi it should be 100X100
  • for hdpi it should be 150:150
  • for ldpi it should be 75:75

Android screen sizes in Pixels for ldpi, mdpi, hpdi?

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This is not possible. If you are going to have a Notification, you must have it in the notification drawer as well.

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That is fine. My next question is, is there a way to close it. For instance i have an on and off button for a reason. if the button is off i do not want a notification on the top left but if the button is on this i do want the notification to be up there so i need a statement like if(on) make notification if(off) remove notification –  au789 Mar 26 '11 at 20:48
@au789: Please do not simply have a Notification there for no good reason. It should only be there if there is an event that has occurred in the background (e.g., AlarmManager and IntentService retrieved new email for the user), or if the user has started some background operation (e.g., startForeground() for a music player that the user started). All that being said, use cancel() on NotificationManager to remove a Notification that you raised. –  CommonsWare Mar 26 '11 at 21:01
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