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I just made a simple HTML5 game for mobile webkit. I have made a simple function that inserts the record into the database:


db = openDatabase('highscores', '1.0', 'Whackem Highscores', 2 * 1024 * 1024);
db.transaction(function (tx) {
      tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE scores (id unique, int,text)');
      tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO foo (id, text) VALUES (?,?,?)',["",score,date1]);

It doesn't seem to do anything!?

How can I fix this?

I also have to make a loop that prints out the highest scores, If you have any advice on something like that, it would also be very helpful.

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You probably want something more like:

db.transaction(function (tx) {
      tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE scores (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, score INTEGER, date_added TEXT)');
      tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO scores (score, date_added) VALUES (?,?)', [score, date1]);

Note that you'll have to explicitly DROP your original table.

Each executeSql command takes a success and a failure handler as arguments after the parameter list; adding those will help debug failed queries in the future, as they otherwise fail silently.

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Use localStorage instead. It will be much simpler to use (assuming you aren't going to store hundreds of thousands highscores on each client).

Also, WebSQL has been deprecated in favor of IndexedDB (although the latter is not in shipping browsers yet).

localStorage is simply a persistent object that holds strings, so you can feed it JSON with all your (small) data.

localStorage['highscores'] = JSON.stringify(your_highscores_table);


your_highscores_table = JSON.parse(localStorage['highscores']);

Or you could split it using different keys rather than lumping everything in 'highscore'.

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Could you provide me with some sample code, or point me in the right direction so I can learn how to use LocalStorage? –  Ben Mar 26 '11 at 21:18
@Ben: It's simple: localStorage['somekey'] = 'somevalue';. then get it by using somevalue = localStorage['somekey'];. Just note that only String can be saved. –  pimvdb Mar 26 '11 at 21:34

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