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I'm still wading into rails. I've been working on a site with voting using the thumbs up gem to get my feet wet. I'm now attempting to display all submissions created since the time a submission received it's 6th vote. Normally I would have written an sql query along these lines:

select * from submissions where created_at < (select updated_at from submissions where votes = 6 limit 1) order by votes desc;

The thing that is making this more confusing to me is that my submissions table is getting joined to the votes table that the thumbs up gem created. So the above query doesn't really even fit. Thumbs up says:

"You can easily retrieve voteable object collections based on the properties of their votes:

@items = Item.tally( { :at_least => 1, :at_most => 10000, :start_at => 2.weeks.ago, :end_at => 1.day.ago, :limit => 10, :order => "items.name DESC" })"

Ideally I wanted to use activerecord here, but I was stuck on this for so long I started trying to just write a find_by_sql query. I ended up just butting my head up against a wall. This is what I got to but it doesn't work (need to have the COUNT(votes.voteable_id) after the GOUP BY) and seems like alot for what I'm trying to do:

SELECT submissions.*, COUNT(votes.voteable_id) AS vote_count FROM submissions LEFT OUTER JOIN votes ON submissions.id = votes.voteable_id WHERE (votes.voteable_type = 'Submission') AND (submissions.created_at > (SELECT votes.updated_at from votes where COUNT(votes.voteable_id) = 6 limit 1)) GROUP BY votes.voteable_id, submissions.id, submissions.content, submissions.author, submissions.edited, submissions.chosen, submissions.created_at, submissions.updated_at HAVING COUNT(votes.voteable_id) > 0 AND COUNT(votes.voteable_id) >= 1 AND COUNT(votes.voteable_id) <= 10000 ORDER BY COUNT(votes.voteable_id) DESC LIMIT 10

If you looked through this thank you so much. Any help is greatly appreciated.

edit: I feel like I'm getting much closer thanks to Steve's comment:

 vote_time = Submission.tally({ :at_least => 2, :limit => 1 })
 @submissions = Submission.where("created_at >= ?", vote_time.updated_at) 

or maybe more along the lines of:

 vote_time = Submission.tally({ :at_least => 2, :limit => 1 })
 @submissions = vote_time.select('votes.updated_at')

I just am not sure how to hand the vote_time variable as a parameter to the statement below it. Sorry I am super new at this.

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Yeah, Rails doesn't do sub-selects. You're taking advantage of the SQL query engine and that's not a bad thing. You can use Rails, but it's a two-step process of obtaining the 6th voted item, then using its time as the parameter to the query. Unless I'm missing something... – Steve Ross Mar 26 '11 at 23:39
Thanks for the lead! So it would start to look like this then? subselect = Submissions.where({"something here to find the time of last updated vote that reached 6"}) @submissions = Submissions.tally({:started_at => (#{subselect})}) – Robert Easley Mar 27 '11 at 1:11

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