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I am developing my graduate project, using GWT.

I use TOMCAT as the applciation server and MySQL as the database.

I want to persist all data existing in the client to the database using an ORM.

There are various ORM solutions for GWT such as Hibernate, JPA, JDO, TopLink, etc.

Do you have any suggestions?


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Hibernate for sure

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Hibernate is not easy to integrate with GWT because of following reasons

  • Lazy properties issue : when trying to send a partially loaded Hibernate POJO to the client-side of GWT (Javascript), the GWT compiler throws a Serialization exception because it the CGLIB generated proxy does not belong to the JRE emulation.

  • Type issue : Hibernate replaces some basic Java types with various subclassed implementation (such as java.sql.Timestamp instead of java.util.Date or PersistentList for List collections). Javascript serialization of these classes will fail, since they do not belong to the JRE emulation supported by GWT 1.4 (note : the Java SQL dates are now supported by GWT 1.5)

REF http://www.rbgrn.net/content/32-using-hibernate-with-google-web-toolkit-gwt

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