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This an example of XML file:

  <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <book id="bk101">
     <author>Gambardella, Matthew</author>
     <title>XML Developer's Guide</title>
     <description>An in-depth look at creating applications 
      with XML.</description>

    <book id="bk102">
     <author>Ralls, Kim</author>
     <title>Midnight Rain</title>
     <description>A former architect battles corporate zombies, 
      an evil sorceress.</description>

    <book id="bk103">
     <author>Corets, Eva</author>
     <title>Maeve Ascendant</title>
     <description>After the collapse of a nanotechnology 
      society in England.</description>

Si I want to search in this file by many criteria books, for example by author, by genre, price, etc...

I will use XPath queries to do this, So is there some simple method to use??? For example, I want to check if an author exist and to do this I must have a method in which I'll pass an XPath query to turn me the result...

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You can combine DOM API with javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory and javax.xml.xpath.XPath as descibed at http://developer.android.com/reference/javax/xml/xpath/package-summary.html.

For example:

DocumentBuilderFactory builderFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();;
DocumentBuilder builder = builderFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document document = builder.parse("input.xml");

// NodeList books = document.getElementsByTagName("book");

XPath xpath = XPathFactory.newInstance().newXPath();
String expression = "/catalog/book[1]/author"; // first book
Node author = (Node) xpath.evaluate(expression, document, XPathConstants.NODE);

if (author == null)
    System.out.println("Element author not exists");
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