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I'm new to django cms and I'm really lucky that I was able to install it. If I go to the backend of my site (http://localhost:8000/admin), then the django cms admin panel shows up.

If I want to edit some cms pages then I can see that the browser tries to get some files like "/static_media/cms/jquery.dialog.css", "/static_media/cms/pages.css", "/static_media/cms/ui.core.js" and so on...

Unfortunately the browser only gets a HTTP 404 response and I do not know what I have to configure in "settings.py" or "url.py" to get things working. Can anybody help me?

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Found the solution at http://djangosnippets.org/snippets/2401/

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I assume your project named as 'myproject'

Add 'myproject' to INSTALLED_APPS.

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