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DLNA CTT Test,2,3,4 MM CDS DLNA PlaySingle URI Value is failing with the error message "Not Applicable: The device profile reports the DUT does not support PlaySingle URIs"

I have changed my connection manager to return


when GetProtocolInfo is invoked.

Is that the right string? Or am I way of track?

I also tried


I have read the DLNA and searched the web but there didn't seem to be much documentation.

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I had missed a test tool configuration option.

In the CTT create a new device profile; on the option page select "Play Modes" then check the "Play Single URI's" option.

Thereafter,2,3,4 and the other 7.3.80.* test cases will be available.

There is no need to alter the devices profile or the results of GetProtocolInfo.

(Maybe it should read "PlaySingle URIs")

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