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I am trying to step into the .NET4 source code.

I have recently installed SP1 for VS2010.

I cannot get this to work. After reading articles such as this I'm assuming its because the source symbols VS is downloading do not match the version of the framework I have installed. Can someone confirm this?

Secondly, I downloaded the .NET4 source and tried to manually load the pdb's from the module window.

enter image description here

however for all possible selections (3) I get this error:

enter image description here

If the SP1 is the cause of my woes, I don't want to revert to non-SP1. Does source debugging work in SP1? If Yes where am I going wrong?

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I asked this question on the ozdotnet Users Forum after not receiving a response here. David Kean from Microsoft was kind enough to respond:

We likely have yet to publish the symbols for the .NET Framework update that was included in SP1. It usually takes a few weeks to a couple of months for this happen. I'll see internally what the status of this is.


Okay I asked internally. We plan on updating the external symbols in the coming month – they take a while after a release to be published.

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