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I'm currently localizing my Django app. All other translations work fine except percent-sign inside blocktrans tags.

In my template I have {% blocktrans %}Original % blocktrans{endblocktrans %}.

django-admin makemessages produces this in django.po:

#: templates/index.html:78
#, python-format
msgid "Original %% blocktrans"
msgstr ""

I update that to msgstr "Translated %% blocktrans", run django-admin compilemessages, restart dev server and refresh the page, but I still see Original % blocktrans in the output. Other translations are shown properly.

For reference, {% trans "Original % trans" %} also works ok. After makemessages and translation I have:

#: templates/index.html:72
msgid "Original % trans"
msgstr "Translated % trans"

This works as expected - translated version is shown.

I must use blocktrans because I also need to embed variables to the strings. I'm using Django 1.2.5.

How can I make blocktrans work with percent-signs?

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Check out this ticket - it's not a solution, but it sheds light on what's going on

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Couldn't find a real solution to the problem, so I used a workaround: create a constant PERCENT_SIGN = u'%' and use that as {{ PERCENT_SIGN }} inside blocktrans-blocks.

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What about using html entity % ? –  Tomasz Zielinski May 10 '11 at 12:46
That would probably work, but I think it would be even more confusing to the translator than {{ PERCENT_SIGN }}, though shorter. Also, I'm using this for plain text email templates, so the entity is a no-go. –  stalemate May 12 '11 at 21:31
Right.. Well, the best solution would be to fix blocktrans in Django trunk :) –  Tomasz Zielinski May 12 '11 at 22:03
Or just like that: {% blocktrans with percent="%" %} This is 100{{ percent }} working! {% endblocktrans %} –  Matthias Scholz Mar 2 at 10:47

Another ticket has been opened for this particular issue, with a patch that fixes it. Hopefully it will be fixed for Django 1.4.


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