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I keep hearing "perimeter locking" along with other topics such as "race conditions, IPC .." - what does "perimeter locking" mean? any pointers or links will be helpful too. I see it being referred to under "Job Requirements" such as " understanding concepts of DMA engines, interrupts, timers, memory virtualization, race conditions, and perimeter locking..." I recognize others but not "perimeter locking".

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Cite some links or literature so we can see it in context too. In 22 years in embedded systems development, I have never encountered this phrase, but could think of a number of things it could refer to ranging from from mutual-exclusion to a network firewall. It may be domain, RTOS, or even project specific, which may explain why you are seeing it regularly while others have not. –  Clifford Mar 27 '11 at 10:01

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Probably things like "do not leave a JTAG/ISP connector accessible". For a regular PC it would clearly also include the firewire port which can be (ab)used to do interesting things like accessing the PC's memory without running special software on it.

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there is a session at ESC Silicon Valley that may be related to this topic- it is titled "Secure by Design" by Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass (IBM Rational) –  Abhi Apr 28 '11 at 8:49

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